Fupa Eliminator Waist Trainer

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Fupa Eliminator Waist Trainer Forget about your love handles, and say goodbye to that bulge around your midsection. Our waist trainer is designed to help you get a slimmer waistline and flat stomach. Comes in six different sizes to accommodate different body types 


The Fupa Eliminator Waist Trainer is made from the highest quality latex that won't break down or deteriorate You'll be able to wear it for up to eight hours at a time with no irritation -Sleek design ensures you'll be able to wear it under your clothes without any embarrassment The Fupa Eliminator Waist Trainer is a great way to tighten up your midsection and give you a more toned appearance.

Material: Inner Layer:100%Neoprene, Outer Layer:100%Polyester ( NO LATEX)